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Become a Paid Election Judge

Be an election judge. Get paid. Help the Republicans.


You know those people in the polling place who check you in when you go to vote? They're called election judges. You could be one of them.

Every polling place has approximately five judges. In half the precincts it's three Republicans and two Democrats, and in the other half it's reversed.

This means that we need to supply a large number of solid, reliable Republicans to ensure that the Democrats aren't playing games.And they do play games. I've seen it first hand.

Every year the 43rd Ward Republicans supply more, and better, judges than the Democrats. When you walk into the polling place, if you want things done correctly, you talk to one of the Republican judges.

The reason is that almost all of our Republican judges are from the 43rd Ward. The democrats get their judges from all over the city. Some of the precincts are a real mess.

We have several open spots. We need you.

It's a day of work, but it can be fun. And if you've got a Republican friend you can do it together.

It pays $125 for the day, plus $45 if you complete the training.

If you're willing to do it, go here and click where it says Apply ONLINE:

Please do it soon -- we've only got a few days to fill the remaining spots.

There's nothing more important you can do to support democracy in the City of Chicago.

Chris Cleveland

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